Exiting The Milky Way: S4v3b33s’ Debut LP

the cover to this beautiful project

This Super Bowl Sunday, Houston youth artist S4v3b33s, real name Jack Marín, is releasing his LP Planet Utah, a 7 track project telling the story of an emotionally heavy space journey through a charcuterie board of musical styles. Last July, S4v3b33s released his EP 2003 Kid and since then has been working on Planet Utah with JD Fuller, who produced every song. Planet Utah, beyond the space theme, is at the most basic level about what a home is, the lack of and desire for a home, and S4v3b33s’ inner quest for that home.

a vibey pic i made after we recorded the majority of the lp in november

To exit the milky way, the album begins on Abduction, an explanation and introduction to the album with a convincing sonic equivalent of being abducted. Gorked follows, with a minute and a half long interlude that features an infectiously fun and danceable instrumental that shines once you get past the grain-delay filled vocal craziness that S4v3b33s & JD Fuller provide. 

After Space Glaciers, a 2 minute track influenced by Rick Glaciers and chopped & screwed, the project’s tracks get longer and more emotional. Snafu is a Nick Dorian (Esso) and J Dilla influenced beat with S4v3b33s’ signature autotune tuned down and lyrics about losing someone special, with pain and regret that you’ll hear so clearly, you can’t help but sing along. JD Fuller features on Snafu and drops a raw, emotional verse. 

another vibey pic

Planet Utah’s 5th song, Perturbed, will be a hit with anyone who likes Travis Scott or KLINK by Smino, and is about S4v3b33s looking for his planet. After Perturbed gets you raging, S4v3b33s slows it down with the title track, Planet Utah. The namesake of the album is most assuredly the most fun & accessible song on the album, with S4v3b33s’ catchiest lyrics and the most danceable beat on the album.

My personal favorite on the album is the final song, Homeland. Featuring JD Fuller singing the chorus S4v3b33s the verses and the most beautiful instrumental on the album, Homeland acts as the Self Control of the album. After the final verse that adds drums and a spacey, grain-delayed bridge before the final chorus, this finale that used Logic Pro X’s Starlit Cavern preset, ends on a beautiful note to end this versatile LP.

royal, s4v3b33s, & jd fuller after their first show ever on jan 2 ! best day

S4v3b33s & JD Fuller made Planet Utah with 7 songs of different genres tied together with this space theme, and for an album so varied, it is tied together with a sense of home that can be heard in Jackson’s auto-tuned voice in every song.

The album is best experienced chronologically, so i urge you to listen all the way through, and turn off all the lights for Planet Utah & Homeland so you can dance & vibe, respectively.

10/10 from me 🙂

stream Planet Utah on all platforms here

s4v3b33s & royal lookin cute gettin ramen after our concert