eclectic sounds from earth

hello, my name is DW Hopeton and I’m the granular drummer and no-input-mixing-board user of Club Akirat, Saturn Family, and countless other groups. ESFE began quietly as a project to detail the work my sister and brother, FD and SD, had made while living on Earth- we’re from Titan, MW, to be clear. However, overtime, I’ve decided to turn this project into a celebration and record of Earth-music inspiration in music created from every planet in the ISFSA. Recently, my sister FD, and a close Earthling friend of ours worked on an LP of this, Deb Akey Trio, in which we combined a true Earth musical concept, Lap Steel, with the styles of myself and my sister that are in some ways Earth inspired and some ways not. This corner of the Braes Records website will be my personal diary into Eclectic Sounds From Earth- be that my own creations while on-planet, Club Akirat member’s work made on-planet, or snippets from the ISFSA residencies happening EY2022 and SY2094. I hope you enjoy!

this page has nothing yet, check back later for video updates from DW. Documentary incoming for her Solo release, The Hope Tones.