young subway killa

young subway killa

on keys, the octave high contract killer and sandwich connoisseur,

young subway killa is the keyboardist and rapper for braes records’ very own, club akirat.

he was born on mercury in 1973, where sandwiching is very much an art, unlike here, and notifying the world of that over dope beats is his main objective.

young subway killa (born Y. S. Kilmarnock) joined Braes Records in 2018 and was featured on The Third Room, Braes Heights Don, and has announced braes records radio several times!

His favorite artists are Quasimoto, Madlib, and Homeshake.

Stay tuned for more, Y. S. will be putting unreleased music on this site in the coming weeks. #downwithsubway

2020 depiction of Young Subway Killa by Z. Fuller