we’re braes records, the independent record label and recording studio of braes heights, houston, texas

and the representative for earth within the ISFSA (interplanetary society for sound artists), along with our sister institutions, Merry-Cure-Kil Records (Mercury, MW) and SD’s Saturn Station (Titan, MW)

to listen: jdfuller.bandcamp.com

to read about jd fuller: bio

to see more: our youtube channel

and to contact us: fuller.joshua.d@gmail.com


our latest releases:

gold mist metallic tea :: for microsound, microphones, & multiple musicians (to be released Mid November)

the marques p llc – live at bruce // october 22nd, 2022

spencer paulsen, sean decoursey, & sd hopeton – social call (in dub)

the aidan morgan experience – live at bruce // october 15th, 2022

spencer paulsen & sean decoursey – social call

the alex parker legal gathering – live at bruce // september 24th, 2022

michael morales trio – live in the bruce hall basement // september 23rd, 2022

the aidan morgan experience – live at bruce // september 17th, 2022

dw hopeton – the hope tones for no input mixing board and granular drums

sd hopeton, dw hopeton, & fd hopeton – saturn family (ISFSA 2094 SSS V.1)

deb akey trio (deb akey, fd hopeton, & dw hopeton) – memory

sd hopeton – live from sd’s saturn station… sd’s analysis

fd hopeton & brae woods – duet for pitch shifted theremin & bass guitar

jd fuller & kisatrix – tropical storm


about us:

All Club Akirat characters may or may not be aliases of JD Fuller

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recently, while YS is working on his album Gold Mist Metallic Tea, set to come out in November, JD & other Club Akirat members have been recording and producing for musicians at UNT. Check out the recordings menu tab to check out their stuff!