JD Fuller (b. 2004, he/him/his) is a sound artist, composer, & student from Houston, Texas interested in computer / electroacoustic music, improvisation, and experimental composition. He is currently a first year Bachelor’s student at the University of North Texas in Denton, TX, USA studying Music with a concentration in Electronics. JD is an avid electronics-performer and is part of electronics sextet Just The TRS! , electronics duo Octothorpe with Nolen Liu, and Club Akirat. Recently JD performed with the JD Fuller Electro-Acoustic Doomjazz Ensemble, with which he will be working frequently with in the near future. JD’s work focuses on structures & systems for collaborative, electro-acoustic improvisation, as well as creative techniques and experimentalism to assist the compositional process and push composers to think outside of the box. JD’s music has been described as “sonic catharsis” (The North Texas Review, 2022) and has been released on Braes Records, SD’s Saturn Station, Merry-Cure-Kil Records, and Eclectic Tapes from Earth. JD is Braes Records’ representative in the ISFSA (Interplanetary Society for Sound Artists)

This portfolio will focus on the following characteristics of my artistic output:

  • mixed-music improvisation & composition, ensemble leadership
  • systems for electro-acoustic improvisation & live electronic performance
  • experimental music, oblique strategies, & “creative” music
  • and finally, fictional music, artistic heteronyms, & Club Akirat

Table of Contents:

  1. infinite deserts – performed by Just The TRS! (2023)
  2. density / weight – performed by the jd fuller electro-acoustic doomjazz ensemble (2023)
  3. five :: for quintet & creative cartography (2023)
  4. seven / eight :: for solo electronics… (2023, Summer WIP)
  5. sd’s resynthesis / ys’ merry cure [ Club Akirat tape music ]

infinite deserts – performed by Just The TRS!

infinite deserts (2023) uses an OSC-based system for electro-acoustic improvisation. There is not a lot of music written for Electronics Sextet, and so when composing for my electronics sextet, Just The TRS!, my goal is to create music that generates not only interesting sounds, but also allows for engaging performances. In the piece, the players move their color-specific knobs to manipulate the sound and knock on the music stand to “freeze” the texture, knocking again afterwards to unfreeze. Once each players has used 2 freezes each, the second movement begins in which players move one knob at a time, moving from section to section after each knob turn. This piece was created to see how the the group could function together as one sound-producing unit with different “work-areas” modeled after NASA’s Mission Control as opposed to individual sound generators, like what was used for the piece’s predecessor, finite waters. A screenshot of the GUI is pictured below. For more information on NTSU’s Premier Electronics Sextet, see Just The TRS!

density / weight – performed by the jd fuller electro-acoustic doomjazz ensemble

The JD Fuller Electro-Acoustic Doomjazz Ensemble is my ensemble for mixed-media improvisation and electro-acoustic-meets-free-jazz compositions. In the video to the right, I am seen conducting the ensemble at our performance in April- the mixed version is available on bandcamp and other streaming platforms. The pieces played are DENSITY and WEIGHT. DENSITY explores both player-specific note density, full ensemble sound-mass density, and uses aleatoric large ensemble improvisation. WEIGHT has the players free improvise for 10 minutes while pondering the explorations of DENSITY. The score from this performance is available here. ////// In the next year, I’ll be writing a long form work for the ensemble titled Qualtagh exploring individuality and identity, with aesthetic inspiration from Apichatpong Weerasethakul’s slow cinema film, Uncle Boonmee Who Can See His Past Lives.

five :: for quintet & creative cartography

five :: for quintet & creative cartography is a set of five improvisational map-pieces based on highways and public transit systems of 5 US Cities. The maps can be played in several different ways and can be performed both under five minutes, or North of an hour. five functions as a guide to structured free improvisation and has been used by both Electronics & Jazz groups, additionally, its “Composition Method” has been used to compose pieces as well. For more information, please download the score here, or purchase it from AJ Bryson Music. The maps were designed in Affinity Photo.

seven / eight :: for solo electronics; variables, events, notational electronics, improvisation, geography, hands, & time { summer 2023 WIP }

Hello, seven / eight is a group of 15 pieces for solo electronics. I will be taking a course at IRCAM in June and will be completing most of this project while there. This dropdown on my portfolio will likely not be updated until late July 2023. For right now though, you can try out the first piece of seven, the dragon, using supercollider. Repository link: https://github.com/braesheightsjd/thedragon

fictional tape music with Club Akirat ( sd’s resynthesis, 2023 ; ys’ merry cure, 2023 )

Since 2020, I’ve been composing music under the aliases of 8 fictional characters, known collectively as Club Akirat. Since early 2021 when I discovered Electro-Acoustic music, the characters have gradually transformed from initially being fictional musicians in a band into individual artists that explore different musical styles with individual artistic developmental progressions. The group now functions as a way for me to try multiple things at once, and by Summer 2024, characters SD Hopeton, YS Kilmarnock, DW Hopeton, & Deborah Akey will all have their own portfolio page in this style of this one. You can listen to SD Hopeton’s electronic music project, SD’s Resynthesis, as well as YS Kilmarnock’s musique concrete + poetry project, Merry Cure, below. You can also listen to DW Hopeton’s NIMB + Granular drums project and the Saturn Family EP.

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