JD Fuller (b. 2004, he/him/his) is a sound artist, composer, & student from Houston, Texas interested in computer / electroacoustic music, improvisation, and experimental composition. He is currently a Bachelors student at the University of North Texas in Denton, TX, USA studying Music with a concentration in Electronics. JD is an avid electronics-performer and is part of electronics sextet Just The TRS! , electronics duo Octothorpe with Nolen Liu, sound art collective Club Akirat, and the JD Fuller Electro-Acoustic Doomjazz Ensemble.

JD’s music has been described as “a unique impressionistic soundscape that captivates the listener and washes over them like a wave of sonic catharsis” (The North Texas Review, 2022), released on Braes Records, SD’s Saturn Station, Merry-Cure-Kil Records, and Eclectic Tapes from Earth, as well as performed at the University of North Texas and IRCAM.

currently, jd is working collaboratively with the JDFEADJE on Qualtagh :: for Electro-Acoustic Doomjazz Ensemble (coming soon) & likely meditating on Titan. JD is currently in a water phase.

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