JD Fuller (b. 2004, he/him/his) is a sound artist, composer, & student from Houston, Texas interested in computer / electroacoustic music, improvisation, and experimental composition. He is currently a first year Bachelor’s student at the University of North Texas in Denton, TX, USA studying Music with a concentration in Electronics. JD is an avid electronics-performer and is part of electronics sextet Just The TRS! , electronics duo Octothorpe with Nolen Liu, sound art collective Club Akirat, and the JD Fuller Electro-Acoustic Doomjazz Ensemble. JD’s work focuses on structures & systems for collaborative, electro-acoustic improvisation, as well as creative and experimental techniques to assist the compositional process and push composers to think outside of the box. JD’s music has been described as “sonic catharsis” (The North Texas Review, 2022) and has been released on Braes Records, SD’s Saturn Station, Merry-Cure-Kil Records, and Eclectic Tapes from Earth.

currently, jd is working on seven / eight :: for solo electronics. jd will be in Paris at IRCAM in June 2023.

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