ISFSA Collective Of The Year 2094…

(top, left to right): Brae Woods, Kisatrix, Deborah Akey, SD Hopeton, YS Kilmarnock (bottom, left to right): JD Fuller, [Collective Logo], FD Hopeton, & DW Hopeton

Braes Records’ Sound-Art-Collective-In-Residence and ISFSA Collective Of The Year 2094 (Saturn Year 2094), Club Akirat is the collaboration some of Saturn, Mercury, & Earth’s most unreal & dedicated artists, composers, & musicians. Founded in 2020 (Earth Year 2020) by Deb Akey, YS Kilmarnock, SD Hopeton, & Brae Woods, the group has transitioned from a Record Label house band to, now in EY2023, a virtual-experimental art collective recognized by the ISFSA (Interplanetary Society for Sound Artists) for their efforts in SY2094. 

Short biographies for each group member are located below the releases tab. Club Akirat’s music can be found on the Braes Records Bandcamp, and questions or requests for additional information or resources can be asked in email to [email protected]

Club Akirat is reponsible for the majority of Braes Records’ musical output- to view releases and works by Club Akirat members, visit the works page. Thank you for reading!

SD Hopeton

Scientist, Researcher, Live Coder, & Dubbing Engineer, SD Hopeton is the Lead Creative Sound Designer of Club Akirat. He studied at TIMST (Titan Insitute for Music, Sound, & Technology). In his free time, SD also leads & curates for Titan's most beloved radio station, SD's Saturn Station. Click on the image to listen!

Deb Akey

Lap Steel Guitarist & Louisiana Native Deborah Akey is one of Club Akirat's founding members and most recorded musicians. Her interests are in experimental Lap Steel performance history, tuning systems (non-Western & microtonal), and lap steel with electronics. Deb also runs the Bandcamp, click the image to check it out!

YS Kilmarnock

Mercurian Sandwich Connoisseur, Contract Killer, & Sound artist YS Kilmarnock is the oldest member of Club Akirat. YS' music mixes concrète with poetry, and is the most meticulous of the group. His record company, Merry-Cure-Kil Records, presses all of Braes Records' releases. Click the image to check it out!

DW Hopeton

DW Hopeton is Club Akirat's most experimental artist. She works mostly with granular drums and no-input-mixers, among other feedback generating instruments. She studied Experimental Art at the Tethys Academy of Art under the mentorship of Dr. JR Osbourne. Click the above image to listen to her latest project!

FD Hopeton

Thereminister & Projection Artist FD Hopeton is Club Akirat's Lead Visual Designer, as well as Club Akirat's Archive Specialist. She plays pitch-shifted theremin, live codes projection art, and runs the ISFSA Award-winning project, Eclectic Tapes From Earth, modeled after Awesome Tapes From Africa. Click on the above image to check it out!

Brae Woods

Dallas-Born, Houston-Raised Bassist & Sound Engineer Brae Woods is the founder and head of Braes Records. He got his start by finding old tapes by his father and fellow bassist, Brenin Woods from the 70's. that he felt needed to be released. Since then, he has worked to build Braes Records. Click the image to see BR's past events!

JD Fuller

Texan Composer & Sound Artist JD Fuller is the Team Leader for Club Akirat. His full bio can be seen in the About tab, which can also be accessed by clicking the above image. JD's interests are in electro-acoustic improvisation & creative compositional techniques. Most of this website focuses on his creative endeavors. Please explore!


K. S. Atriks, known widely as Kisatrix ( pronounced Kiss – @ – tricks ), is Club Akirat and Braes Records' head Mixing Engineer and Quality Control. In the past, he made beats & mixed for others, but now he functions more as an artistic director. Click on the image above to see his recent attempt at cleaning up JD's portfolio.

Saturn Family

Saturn Family is the stage name when Club Akirat's three Saturnite siblings perform together (SD Hopeton, Electronics, DW Hopeton, NIMB + Granular Drums, & FD Hopeton, Visuals & Pitch-Shifted Theremin); Almost every project at Braes Records has been worked on by a member of this trio. Click the image to see BR's works & projects!