sd’s sine demonstrations

hello… my name is SD Hopeton

and this is my site where i will be posting sets of effect settings on various VST/AU plugins that are made to be applied to constant sine waves


coming soon


plugins i will use frequently:

Logic Stock Plugins, Voxengo OlSkoolVerb + Free Delays, Output Portal & Thermal, Valhalla Supermassive & FreqEcho, Ursa Lagrange, Genuine Soundware VariSpeed, Soundhack Freeware, Stagecraft SC Delay, Tritik Krush, Glitchmachines Freeware, Arturia’s 3 Delays (of which I only use demo version), and Logic’s Midi FX to modulate effects used….

have a super duper day!


Sine Demonstration 03 in C minor Pentatonic 1.12.2021

4 test oscillators, lots of pitch shifting, LFO’d noise gates, pitch correction, delay and reverb!


Sine Demonstration 02 in C minor 18.10.21


Sine Demonstration 01 in E minor 25.9.21