hello… my name is SD Hopeton

I am a researcher and sound artist from Titan, MW. I operate a radio station, SD’s Saturn Station. I create sound.


For those interested, I recently released an album, entitled SD’s Resynthesis. This collection of electro-acoustic tape works were realized between my studio on Titan and MU2011 in Denton, TX. All sounds were generated by SuperCollider, VCV Rack, or CEMI’s modular synth except some sounds on ‘Imperfect Projection’, in which my colleague Deborah tracked Electric Lap Steel Guitar improvisations that I manipulated.

Recent November Recordings

sounds in 2011 – nov 30
2011 sounds
sounds in 2011

Sine Demonstrations(s) 06 – October 25th at 8 Pm

Sine Demonstration(s) 05 w/ Supercollider, VCV Rack, Granular, & standard sd – oct 24 at 8 am


Sine Demonstration 04 w/ hydra visuals 9.6.2022, after a 7 month absence. Saturn WIFI is spotty…


Sine Demonstration 03 in C minor Pentatonic 1.12.2021

4 test oscillators, lots of pitch shifting, LFO’d noise gates, pitch correction, delay and reverb!


Sine Demonstration 02 in C minor 18.10.21


Sine Demonstration 01 in E minor 25.9.21