sd’s sine demonstrations

hello… my name is SD Hopeton

and this is my corner of the internet in which I’ll be posting the results of some random sound experiments and the results of my practice routine!


coming soon


plugins i will use frequently:

Logic Stock Plugins, Voxengo OlSkoolVerb + Free Delays, Output Portal & Thermal, Valhalla Supermassive & FreqEcho, Ursa Lagrange, Genuine Soundware VariSpeed, Soundhack Freeware, Stagecraft SC Delay, Tritik Krush, Glitchmachines Freeware, Arturia’s 3 Delays (of which I only use demo version), and Logic’s Midi FX to modulate effects used….

have a super duper day!


Sine Demonstrations(s) 06 – October 25th at 8 Pm, this will now be my sounds blog essentially

this video was 7 minutes and it has to be under 100 mb to be on wordpress so prepare for crunchy videos from now on…

Sine Demonstration(s) 05 w/ Supercollider, VCV Rack, Granular, & standard sd – oct 24 at 8 am


Sine Demonstration 04 w/ hydra visuals 9.6.2022, after a 7 month absence. Saturn WIFI is spotty…


Sine Demonstration 03 in C minor Pentatonic 1.12.2021

4 test oscillators, lots of pitch shifting, LFO’d noise gates, pitch correction, delay and reverb!


Sine Demonstration 02 in C minor 18.10.21


Sine Demonstration 01 in E minor 25.9.21