Club Akirat

Thank you for tuning in to Braes Records Radio, today playing Braes Records Ground Floor live from Braes Records…

Ladies and gentle-en, on bass, bringing us the good grooves, the magnificent Brae Woods

On guitar, the lady with the craziest playing, Deb Akey

on keys, the octave high contract killer and sandwich connoisseur, the Mercurian Young Subway Killa

on the boards and the code is Researcher (SD Hopeton), – all supercollider from SD’s SD’s of SD’s, SD’s, & SD’s will be available on his site in December

on drums and samples the legendary Kisatrix,

on the Synths, our Thereminister and archaeologist, FD Hopeton,

on the drums, wickedly delivering giving our beat, DW Hopeton,

and leading the band is Braes Records founder JD Fuller


we’re club akirat


Subgroups of Club Akirat:

Brae Woods Trio ( Brae Woods, Deb Akey, Kisatrix)

Killa’s Quartet ( Young Subway Killa, Brae Woods, Deb Akey, DW Hopeton, FD Hopeton, SD Hopeton)

Scientific Deb (Deb Akey and SD Hopeton)

Saturn Family ( FD, SD, and DW Hopeton – our 3 members from Saturn)

Kisses Quintet (a different combination each time, but 5 Club Akirat members always)


Club Akirat releases:

Deb Akey – Cuvave (02/2021)

Club Akirat Vol. 1 – Deb’s Selections (04/2021)

Club Akirat Vol. 2 – Brae’s Selections (06/2021)

Scientific Deb Pt. 1 (07/2021)

Killa’s Quartet (08/2021)

Brae Woods Trio (09/2021)

Tropical Storm – Coming Soon

SD Hopeton’s Scientific Dubbing of Standard Deviations, Sine Demonstrations, and Silent Discos – Coming Soon

Koning Bij De Controle – Coming Soon

Brae’s Record – Coming Soon

Saturn Family – Coming Soon