Club Akirat

Thank you for tuning in to Braes Records Radio, today playing Braes Records Ground Floor live from Braes Records…

Ladies and gentle-en, on bass & modular synth, bringing us the good grooves, the magnificent Brae Woods

On Electric Lap Steel Guitar, the lady with the craziest playing, Deb Akey

on the samplers and microphones, atmospheric sandwich connoisseur, the Mercurian YS Kilmarnock

on the boards and the code, SD’s Saturn Station founder, researcher, and creative sound coder, SD Hopeton

on the Synths, our Thereminister, archaeologist, and Video-creator, FD Hopeton,

on the granular drums and No Input Mixing Board, DW Hopeton,

and leading the band is Braes Records founder JD Fuller


we’re club akirat.


Subgroups of Club Akirat:

Brae Woods Trio ( Brae Woods, Deb Akey, Kisatrix)

Killa’s Quartet ( YS Kilmarnock, Brae Woods, Deb Akey, DW Hopeton, FD Hopeton, SD Hopeton)

Scientific Deb (Deb Akey and SD Hopeton)

Saturn Family ( FD, SD, and DW Hopeton – our 3 members from Saturn)

Kisses Quintet (a different combination each time, but 5 Club Akirat members always)

Titan ( SD Hopeton, Deb Akey, Brae Woods )
Kilmarnock ( YS Kilmarnock, FD Hopeton, DW Hopeton )
Deb Akey Trio ( Deb Akey, FD Hopeton, DW Hopeton )


Club Akirat Earth Year 2022 Expected Upcoming releases (only description not actual name):

Saturn Family EP

Kilmarnock / Titan EP

Scientific Deb Pt 2

DW Hopeton’s Solo Collection of Compositions

YS Kilmarnock’s Solo Collection of Compositions

YS Kilmarnock & SD Hopeton’s Guide to Field Recordings in Montrose Coffee Shops

SD Hopeton’s Solo Collection of Compositions – Follow Up to SD’s Analysis

And, finally,

The Club Akirat ElectroAcoustic Ensemble 2022/2094 Year In Review


in all seriousness, here is JD’s working CV description of Club Akirat:

Self-improvisational composition and skill independent progress through experimentation with instrument-assigned fictional characters, visual doubling, and composition with differentiated styles in mind. Six characters have fully formed identities and musical decision making processes I express relation to, while an additional four, I do not. Several of these characters have fictional record labels and record pressing companies, and several are, within the lore, from Saturn and Mercury. Club Akirat is at the moment a personal project so that I may explore different techniques and continue progression, however, eventually I plan to convert it into an Artificial Intelligence system for character-based digital improvisation and into a system to allow composers to improvise with themselves through iterative recordings with a psychological task to fulfill each iteration.