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Club Akirat

club akirat (selection ep 1)

Tonight, playing Braes Records Radio, at Braes Records Ground Floor is braes heights very own,

Club Akirat

Ladies and gentle-en, on bass, bringing us the good grooves, the magnificent Brae Woods

On guitar, the lady with the craziest playing, Deb Akey

on keys, the octave high contract killer and sandwich connoisseur, Young Subway Killa

on the boards is Researcher, on drums the legendary Kisatrix, and leading the band is Braes Records founder JD Fuller

Club Akirat takes the most inspiration from Yesterdays New Quintet, J Dilla, and Khruangbin.

the band formed together in 2020 from a shared love of Erykah Badu’s Didn’t Cha Know, which samples Dreamflower by Tarika Blue. (hint: spell tarika backwards)

in 2021 and 2022, Club Akirat will have each member release a solo project to be released on bandcamp and each member will release a Selection EP of their 6 favorite Club Akirat songs!

stay tuned.